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Greater Impact was founded out of a deep desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Even before we had a name, we were already helping those facing car troubles and housing issues. Recognizing the potential to expand our reach and create an even greater impact, we joined forces with community partners. This collaboration led to the birth of Greater Impact Inc, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Now, equipped with our official status, we are able to serve even more people in need and make a lasting difference in our community.

At Greater Impact, our passion lies in extending a helping hand through various teams to those facing challenging times. Our organization is dedicated to serving the community and, more specifically, assisting families in preserving their homes, cars, and jobs. All of our teams come alongside our neighbors and take practical action to meet people's needs in personal and tangible ways.


With a mission centered on compassion and solidarity, Neighbors First Firewood not only offers firewood for sale to the community but also extends a helping hand to those facing financial hardship. Through our firewood donation program, we ensure that everyone, regardless of financial means, can keep their homes warm during the cold months. 


We prioritize the well-being of families by ensuring they can maintain safe, reliable, and legally compliant vehicles. We aim to assist them in keeping their cars in optimal working condition, enabling them to commute to work and generate the income needed to fulfill their mortgage or rent obligations.


The Recovery Coaching Team is about providing guidance and unwavering support to individuals navigating the complexities of recovery. Whether facing addiction, relationship challenges, or life choices, our team is here to offer the necessary guidance and assistance.



We understand that taking the next steps in recovery requires a nurturing and empowering space. That's why we provide a safe and welcoming environment where women and men can embark on their journey of healing and personal growth, as well as embrace a future filled with hope, personal development, and empowerment.


At Ignite, we believe in placing Jesus Christ at the core of our learning center by providing two days a week of in class instruction. Our mission is to support homeschooling families by empowering each child to discover their unique purpose and value, moving beyond the limitations of grades. We understand that a sole focus on grades can hinder a child's enthusiasm for learning.

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Car Mechanic with hands under hood


"Greater Impact was an amazing resource. I was told by another shop that I had bad wiring and it was going to be too costly for me to fix. I reached out to Greater Impact and they diagnosed that I just needed a bulb replaced. They were as knowledgeable as they were kind. I trusted the information they gave me and every once in awhile I'll still contact Kyle with vehicle questions. I thank the Lord for your services and peace of mind. Thank you so much!

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