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At Greater Impact, our team of compassionate recovery coaches offers invaluable support to individuals facing various challenges, including not only addiction recovery but also struggles with relationships and life choices. We understand that these aspects of life can deeply impact one's well-being and overall sense of fulfillment. With our dedicated recovery coaches by their side, individuals are empowered to navigate these hurdles and cultivate a brighter future.


Our team is well-versed in providing guidance, encouragement, and practical tools to help individuals overcome obstacles in their relationships. Whether it's healing from past trauma, improving communication skills, or fostering healthier dynamics, our coaches are there to offer compassionate guidance every step of the way. By addressing relationship challenges, we aim to foster healthier connections, enhance emotional well-being, and create a positive ripple effect in individuals' lives.

People sitting in chairs in a circle related to recovery coaching

We believe in the power of collaboration and community engagement to create a greater impact. That's why we actively seek partnerships with businesses and individuals within the community. By joining forces, we can leverage collective resources, knowledge, and expertise to provide support and opportunities for growth. Through these collaborations, we aim to uplift and inspire individuals, fostering a sense of hope and a belief in the possibility of a brighter future.


Join us at 6:30 on Friday nights at the Hub for our Addiction Recovery Celebration!  Share a meal, a message and your week with others sharing the recovery journey. Ask about our book and steps groups too!

The Greater Impact recovery coaching team in Bozeman, Montana

A.R.C. Merch is available for purchase at our Friday night meetings! All sales directly support the program.


Would you like to speak with someone about opportunities to participate in Recovery meetings? It doesn't matter what you're struggle is, where you've been or what you've done...we want to help you take your next steps! Fill out the form below to start a conversation.

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