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We're saddened to announce that the Neighborhood Auto Shop must temporarily close its doors on July 31st as our lease will not be renewed. We are no longer able to offer our low-cost repairs or teach community members how to maintain their vehicles.

We want to thank the owners of the shop for allowing us to use their space, without them we wouldn't have been able to assist as many community members as we have. Also thank you to our amazing volunteers, staff and clients. It's been a pleasure to work with you!

To continue our vital work, moving forward we are looking to raise funds to buy a permanent space. Until funds are raised we welcome any offers of a shop space we can use. Your support is essential to keep serving and empowering our community. We hope to be able to provide our Neighborhood Auto Shop services again soon.

temporarily unavailable.

Changing the Tire
Fixing the Car
  • rent a bay with tools for $10/hr

  • rent a bay with tools and technician assistance for $20/hr

  • rent a bay with lift, tools, and technician assistance for $40/hr

Tune Up
Engine Work
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