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The Neighbors First Housing Team is dedicated to assisting families in overcoming housing challenges. Our ongoing efforts include expanding housing initiatives by developing a neighborhood of cottages and tiny homes. This affordable and sustainable housing option empowers working individuals and families to acquire an asset while acquiring valuable life skills.

A row of toy wooden houses one green

We are working toward creating a close-knit community specifically designed for working homeless families, offering them a unique housing solution in the form of cottages and tiny homes. This innovative approach will provide affordable and sustainable housing options, allowing families to acquire an asset through a zero credit, zero interest loan. Our goal is to empower these families to not only have a place to call their own but also an opportunity to build equity. With this newfound stability, families can choose to purchase a small piece of land and relocate their cottage or sell it to another family, using the equity gained to secure a more permanent home. By fostering self-sufficiency and financial independence, we aim to break the cycle of homelessness and provide a pathway to a brighter future for these resilient families.

Image by Andreas Pajuvirta a pile of firewood for donations


Providing a family with firewood in the middle of winter when they have run out is crucial for their well-being. It ensures they can stay warm and comfortable in their home, preventing potential health risks associated with cold temperatures and creating a safe and nurturing environment for them during a challenging season.

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