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Neighbors First firewood is more than just a firewood supplier; it's a beacon of warmth and generosity within the community. With a mission centered on compassion and solidarity, Neighbors First Firewood not only offers high-quality firewood for sale to the community but also extends a helping hand to those facing financial hardship. Through our firewood donation program, we ensure that everyone, regardless of financial means, can keep their homes warm during the cold months. Our commitment to putting neighbors first makes us a vital lifeline for those in need, embodying the spirit of community support and resilience

Image by Andreas Pajuvirta a pile of firewood for donations


Providing a family with firewood in the middle of winter when they have run out is crucial for their well-being. It ensures they can stay warm and comfortable in their home, preventing potential health risks associated with cold temperatures and creating a safe and nurturing environment for them during a challenging season.

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