Giving our neighbors a hand up in their time of need. 

2020 Core Value Merch

Honor - We believe that to truly honor one another we must never shame or devalue others but instead see their God-given gifts and potential. With this in mind, Greater Impact treats our staff, clients, directors, volunteers and donors with all the dignity and respect they deserve.

Interested in donating your vehicle to Greater Impact so that together we can give a neighbor a hand up? It's easy, tax deductible and a huge blessing!


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There are so many ways to get involved with Greater Impact. We start by learning about your strengths, then plug you in to the right area!


Your one-time or monthly donation has the potential to give your neighbors a hand up in their time of need!

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Greater Impact was born with a heart to serve others. We were helping people with car troubles and housing problems and with the help of our community partners realized that we could be impacting more people...

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