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The Wilderness Skate Program is committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for skateboarders to skate and enhance their skills. Our dedicated team serves as mentors and educators, pushing the boundaries of youth in the Gallatin Valley by investing quality time in their lives through skateboarding.


This summer, we are excited to introduce Wilderness Skatepark, a mobile skatepark that will be freely accessible for skating every week. With the support of many, we aim to establish the only indoor skatepark in the valley during the winter months when public skateparks are inaccessible due to cold weather.


Skateboarding, an affordable sport that cultivates discipline, creativity, and challenges people of all ages, fills a void for those who are unable to ski or snowboard regularly. Our program aims to foster a thriving skate community within a safe environment, while also sharing the love of Jesus Christ with individuals who may otherwise never encounter His message.

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