Our Staff Team


Ever dream of having a job that would truly make in impact in the lives of others? Greater Impact is hiring a Part-Time Administrator. Read the Job Description below, then send your Cover Letter & Resume to info@greaterimpact.us

John Paszkiet


John Paszkiet is a long time Bozeman resident along with his wife Corina and his two children Ezekiel and Naomi. The Paszkiet’s love Bozeman due to its diversity, its beauty, and its access to the outdoors and all its activities. Both John and Corina work in the non-profit sector. Corina with The Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach and John as the Director of Greater Impact. Greater Impact, was born from the desire to give people a hand up in their time of need. Serving the needs of individuals in desperate situations is very important to the Paszkiet’s. 
John is also a Community Outreach Pastor with Venture Church. John has witnessed God and the local church transform people’s lives first hand. “It is amazing when you get to play a part in God radically grabbing ahold of someone and giving them a new start, and the hope that comes with that.” - John
The Paszkiet's love being a part of opportunities where they get to cultivate new relationships and be part of a group that loves people and is not afraid to get out into the community and serve.

Kayla Powell

Bridge Team Director

My name is Kayla Powell and I was born and raised in Salem, Wisconsin. A dream made a reality, I moved to Bozeman in 2012. I just love the community I’ve found here. Being involved in the local Church is very important to me and serving has always been my favorite way to get involved.


The opportunity to join the Greater Impact staff team came in 2018. My role on the team is primarily marketing, fundraising, grant writing and events. This is the perfect opportunity for me to combine my love for serving others and the skills I gained by studying Marketing and Events. I love this work and can’t wait to see Greater Impact flourish.


Linda Walker

Recovery Director

My name is Linda Walker, a wife, a mom and Recovery Director with Greater Impact Inc. I've been volunteering with this nonprofit for 2 years. Helping people that have struggled with addiction and other hang-ups is something I'm very passionate about. Being able to walk side by side with them and help them learn how to live purposeful and fulfilling lives is one of the greater gifts God has called me to do.

A women’s recovery house is also a goal that has been put on my heart, and we will be opening one in 2020. It is so important to have a safe place for women, and to help them learn how to manage life, but also discover who they are is something that is vital to a new beginning in recovery. I am so humbled and grateful to be part of Greater Impact and to give a hand up in a time of need!

Kate McWhorter

Case Manager

Kate and Eric McWhorter, along with their four children, are long time Bozeman residents. They have volunteered with Greater Impact in many different capacities since the beginning, including providing meals and worship for the recovery program and serving on the housing team. When Eric passed away suddenly in 2019, Kate wanted to honor his legacy of giving to Greater Impact by becoming involved in a greater capacity.

Kate is Greater Impact's Case Manager. She is excited about the opportunity to connect with clients on a personal level, getting to know them on a deeper level than just a name on an application. She will be assisting clients with filling out job applications, and referring to other local agencies. Her hope is that clients will be empowered to lift themselves out of the circumstances that they find themselves in.


Kyle Eichmann

Auto Director

My name is Kyle Eichmann, I am a long time resident of the Gallatin Valley. Born in Alabama, my family moved several times while I was growing up, before finally landing in Bozeman when I was 8 years old. I graduated from Belgrade High School and attended Montana State University for a few semesters. After my brief academic career, I knew the traditional path traveled by most people through life wasn’t for me. One thing I knew for sure was I loved this place called Bozeman and it’s people.

I began working on cars in the driveway with friends, including tuning on race cars. After a few jobs and some hard life lessons, I began to consider the automotive field as a serious option for my life. I started at a regional shop in town, quickly working my way up to the management level. As fulfilling as this should have been, something was missing.

I had been serving with what would become the Greater Impact Auto Team for a couple years at the time. I stepped down from management and began focusing more of my time on the Auto Team as the volunteer leader. After two years, July 21st 2020, I took a full time position as Greater Impact's Auto Director. God is moving in big ways in my life, and I get to partner with Him and my amazing team of volunteers as we give people in our community a hand up, and empowering others to do the same.