The Lindsey House is a sober-living house for women. If you're a woman in recovery, ready to take some serious next steps, The Lindsey House is the perfect catalyst for your future.

Included Support

  • Introduction to 12 step programs

  • Safe environment

  • Positive encouragement

  • Tools for coping

  • Communication practice

  • Learning to be of service to others

  • Structure & Routine building

  • Peer support

Reasons To Choose a Sober Living House

  • New to the 12 steps

  • Previous residence has substance users

  • You don't have anywhere to reside after treatment

  • Returning to family is triggering/stressful for the addict and family members

  • If you need a strong sober support system

  • To avoid isolation/loneliness

  • To stay sober

Now Accepting Applications

Or print this PDF and mail to
P.O. Box 4199
Bozeman, MT 59772

Feel free to email us for more information or with any questions you may have !




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