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The Jeremy House is our new sober-living house for men.

If you are a man in recovery committed to making a change, The Jeremy House can help you improve your life.

Included Support

  • Introduction to 12 step programs

  • Safe environment

  • Positive encouragement

  • Tools for coping

  • Communication practice

  • Learning to be of service to others

  • Structure & Routine building

  • Peer support

Reasons To Choose a Sober Living House

  • New to the 12 steps

  • Previous residence has substance users

  • You don't have anywhere to reside after treatment

  • Returning to family is triggering/stressful for the addict and family members

  • You need a strong sober support system

  • Avoid isolation/loneliness

  • Stay sober

Now Accepting Applications

Apply above, or print this PDF and mail to:
P.O. Box 4199
Bozeman, MT 59772

Adopt a Sober Brother
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