The Housing Team

The Housing Team assists families with external repairs to prevent eviction, and provides firewood to those who rely on wood to heat their home. Our current goal is to develop a Community 1st Village for working homeless families.

Low-Cost Housing Repair

Are you and your family at risk of being evicted from your home or lot due to repairs that need to be made? We may be able to help! Fill out the application linked below to get in touch.

Firewood Donation & Delivery

If your family requires firewood for heat and you have become unable to obtain it, we may be able to help. Fill out the application below to apply for a firewood donation and delivery.

***Please note that the Housing Team focuses on Diversion, and providing Firewood for our clients.  Diversion is the term that we use to describe trying to prevent homelessness by helping clients living in mobile homes that have received an eviction notice from their Park Manager. We work primarily on the outside of a home so that the Park Manager does not evict the home.


When we provide firewood for people we are focused on those situations where a family has a gap between the amount of firewood they have been able to get on their own, and the amount of firewood needed for the winter.

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