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Run for Recovery 2022

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Follow these steps to plan your program specific fundraiser or outreach event:

The Program Director and their Team is responsible for:

  • Project Management for the Event

  • Booking the Place for the Event (1 year prior to event)

    • Date

    • Time

    • Place

  • Sponsors (3 months prior to event)

    • Use your discretion on how to bring in sponsors

    • Use the Bridge Team as a resource as needed

      • Intake and payment will work best with a custom Keela Form​

    • Update the GII Sponsor Recording Spreadsheet

      • Enter every business asked into Keela as a company and make detailed notes on account.

      • Plan in advance how to thank each sponsor

  • Plan activities during the event (2 months prior to event)

  • Recruit volunteers to serve at the event (1 month prior to the event)

    • MC

    • Safety

    • Set-up & Tear-down

    • Hauling materials to the event

    • Hosts

    • Parking

    • Food & Beverages

    • Etc...

  • Communicate all details above to the Bridge Team Director (45 days prior to the event)

  • Gather and purchase supplies for the event (2 weeks prior to event)

  • Execute day of the event

  • Take detailed notes about the event “did we do any learning?” Electronically file Notes

The Bridge Director and their Team is responsible for:

  • Assisting in finding sponsors (3 months prior to event)

  • Marketing your event including

    • Facebook Events and Posts

    • Instagram Stories and Posts

    • Website updates with event details

    • Email Marketing

    • Posting events to community calendars

    • PSA to Media Outlets

    • Photo & Video during the event

  • Graphic Design and Printing for your Event including

    • Event Logo

    • Banners

    • Flyers & Posters



    • Creating Sponsor letter & email

    • Will create Eventbrite, Run Sign Up, another event site if needed


If additional support is needed from the Bridge Team, including but not limited to the Bonus items; please fill out this form at least 14 DAYS before you need the content.

Keyboard and Mouse

Bridge Team Contact Info:

Director: Kayla Powell


Administrator: Staci Anderson


Case Manager: Kate McWhorter


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