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Networking Event

Hey GII Staff Team!

Program-specific fundraising events are the primary responsibility of you, the Program Director. This means that the Program Director is expected to plan and execute the event utilizing their Team leaders, members, and other community members as volunteers. For promoting and fundraising, the Bridge Team is available to you to collaborate with! Here is how you can do so.

Follow these steps to plan your program specific fundraiser or outreach event:

The Program Director and their Team is responsible for:

  • Project Management for the Event

  • Booking the Place for the Event (1 year prior to event)

    • Date

    • Time

    • Place

  • Sponsors (3 months prior to event)

    • Use your discretion on how to bring in sponsors

    • Use the Bridge Team as a resource as needed

      • Intake and payment will work best with a custom Keela Form​

    • Update the GII Sponsor Recording Spreadsheet

      • Enter every business asked into Keela as a company and make detailed notes on account.

      • Plan in advance how to thank each sponsor

  • Plan activities during the event (2 months prior to event)

  • Recruit volunteers to serve at the event (1 month prior to the event)

    • MC

    • Safety

    • Set-up & Tear-down

    • Hauling materials to the event

    • Hosts

    • Parking

    • Food & Beverages

    • Etc...

  • Communicate all details above to the Bridge Team Director (45 days prior to the event)

  • Gather and purchase supplies for the event (2 weeks prior to event)

  • Execute day of the event

  • Take detailed notes about the event “did we do any learning?” Electronically file Notes

The Bridge Director and their Team is responsible for:

  • Assisting in finding sponsors (3 months prior to event)

  • Marketing your event including

    • Facebook Events and Posts

    • Instagram Stories and Posts

    • Website updates with event details

    • Email Marketing

    • Posting events to community calendars

    • PSA to Media Outlets

    • Photo & Video during the event

  • Graphic Design and Printing for your Event including

    • Event Logo

    • Banners

    • Flyers & Posters



    • Creating Sponsor letter & email

    • Will create Eventbrite, Run Sign Up, another event site if needed


If additional support is needed from the Bridge Team, including but not limited to the Bonus items; please fill out this form at least 14 DAYS before you need the content.

Keyboard and Mouse

Bridge Team Contact Info:

Director: Kayla Powell


Administrator: Staci Anderson


Case Manager: Kate McWhorter


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