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Who is Greater Impact?

     Greater Impact was born with a heart to serve others. We were helping people with car troubles and housing problems before we had a name. With the help of our community partners, we realized that we could be impacting more people. Greater Impact Inc, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, was born.

     We are passionate about giving people a hand up in their time of need. We are designed to serve the community and, specifically, help families stay in their homes, cars, and jobs. Our three serving teams are committed to rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty by meeting needs in people's lives in personal and tangible ways.

     One of our teams is the auto repairs team, they are committed to helping families keep their cars safe, reliable, and legal so they can continue getting to work and earn money to pay their mortgage or rent and therefore stay in their homes.

     Another one of our teams is our housing team. They assist families living in housing with many problems. We have repaired holes in roofs and floors, gotten bathrooms to work, contracted electricians to safely rewire houses, and much more. We are looking to expand our housing team by developing a community for working homeless families in the form of cottages and tiny homes. This affordable, sustainable, housing will allow the families the chance to purchase an asset with a zero credit, zero interest loan. The hope is that they would then purchase a small piece of land and move their cottage to it or sell their cottage to another family and use the equity to purchase another home.

     The third team we have is our coaching team. This is made up of financial coaches and recovery coaches. Our ​financial coaches help budget and plan to get out of debt and strategize for the future. Recovery coaches are there for those struggling with relationships and life choices.We like to link up with businesses and individuals in the community to make a Greater Impact. We want to give people, in the community we love, the hope of having a brighter future.








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